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Milestones at St. Andrew are moments of significance in the lives of individuals, their families and friends. People often feel a sense of God's grace when gathered as a community to celebrate one of these occasions. Based on Anglican tradition, these key services mark the important steps of faith in their life while also recognizing God's grace and love for us.


Baptisms, confirmations, membership, weddings and funerals are often times when people reach out to God and the church. St. Andrew offers help and support during these milestones.



Your wedding day is meant to be one of the most memorable days of your life.  St. Andrew Anglican Church is so happy that you are interested in making us part of your special celebration!  We want to do everything possible to make the occasion as wonderful as possible, for you and your loved ones. 



Baptism is a milestone that marks the beginning of your Christian journey. We want to support you as you explore taking this important step of faith. This is an exciting moment no matter what your age.



Firmly rooted in Christian faith, we can provide assistance and comfort to you during the difficult period following the death of a loved one.

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