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Baptism is a milestone that marks the beginning of your Christian journey. We want to support you as you explore taking this important step of faith. This is an exciting moment no matter what your age. 


Baptism services generally take place three times each year. We have a process to help you prepare whether you are the parents of a baby or young child, or an adult or youth getting ready to take this step of faith. We want you to be well prepared to say yes to follow Jesus. 

Baptism Preparation Steps

  1. Join us on Sunday for worship and explore making St. Andrew your church home. We want to get to know you, because as part of your Baptism, we as community will be promising to support and nurture you in your faith. This gives us a wonderful opportunity to get to know one another.

  2. Please introduce yourself to our Parish Priest Rev. Kim McArthur. 

  3. Our Parish Priest will book a meeting time with you to begin preparations. 

  4. Download, complete and submit the Baptism Request Form (click buttons bellow).  

  5. Please let us know if you have any questions along the way. We want you to have confidence as you commit to learning how to be a follower of Jesus. We look forward to connecting with you at this exciting time in your spiritual journey.

For more information contact Reverend Kim McArthur, Parish Priest.

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