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Your wedding day is meant to be one of the most memorable days of your life.  St. Andrew Anglican Church is so happy that you are interested in making us part of your special celebration!  We want to do everything possible to make the occasion as wonderful as possible, for you and your loved ones. 


We also want to do all we can to give you support to help you build the strongest marriage possible.  It’s about love.  Love for one another and ultimately sharing God’s love.  We hope this will be a time in which you come to know Jesus Christ in a more personal way. To do so we have put together a Wedding Guide that covers all this and more.  It will  help you decide if St. Andrew is the church for you.

For more information contact Reverend Kim McArthur, Parish Priest.

Marriage Preparation

You have spent many hours planning for your wedding but how much time have you spent planning for your married life together? To help you prepare, St. Andrew is affiliated with The Reverend Brian Murray who offers the Marriage Preparation Course.  This Seminar course is based on Christian principles, and it’s designed for any engaged couple, regardless of their religious background.

The seminar is designed to help couples successfully navigate the transition from engagement to a solid new marriage. This course is also designed for couples who are already living together as well, as those who are embarking on a second marriage. 

It is a requirement of this church that the Seminar course be done in person and not as a webinar.


Topics: communication, commitment, resolving conflict, keeping love alive and shared values. To register online, click here.

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