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How you can donate and

help St. Andrew Church


The world has changed dramatically in the past few years. When we look at our community we see people, in growing numbers, struggling with issues of stress, grief, addiction, illness and aging.  How do we reach them How can we help them?

Each week trained members of St. Andrew visit patients in our local hospital, mentor young children, visit those who are shut-in and lonely, others who are hurting, overwhelmed, depressed and confused and the elderly in our local nursing and care facilities. Phone calls come in at all hours of the day and night, for people looking for someone to walk with them through the valley of the shadow of death and beyond.


We have recently begun a new and powerful ministry of healing prayer and we are getting requests for prayer support from our greater community and beyond through our website - people reaching out from who-knows-where in the hopes that a mature Christian will lift them in prayer before God. A Gift of Hope donation to the healing and pastoral support ministries of St. Andrew Anglican Church, helps us to reach, support and walk along side those in need. 


With your continued assistance we can carry on our tradition of compassionate ministry in this place called "Love".

A Gift of Hope

Leaving a legacy in your loved one's name.

I don't know about your life, but in many lives there was someone who made a powerful difference and it changed the trajectory of their life. It might have been a grandparent, a teacher, a neighbour, a friend, parent, or sibling. It was someone who believed in you. Someone you can look back on and say:


"If it hadn't been for that person, I wouldn't be who I am today". 

"I wouldn't be where I am today". 

"If they didn't help me when they did, I don't know where I would be". 

The Tree of Hope is designed to remember and honour that special someone.

The coloured leaves and doves represent different levels of giving and recognition.​​

Giving & Recognition Levels:
  • Animal • $50,000

  • Dove • $25,000

  • Gold Leaf • $5,000

  • Silver Leaf • $2,500

  • Bronze Leaf • $1,500

The Christian Healing House

You will never walk alone.

The Christian Healing House is a Christ-centered, non-profit organization connected to St. Andrew Anglican Church. A place where people who are hurting (physically, emotionally or spiritually) can come and receive one-on-one prayer support by appointment. We help people find hope again. To find out more about the Christian Healing House, visit the website by clicking "visit".

It Takes A Village To Raise A Child

Where all children are loved, supported & empowered to reach their full potential.

It Takes a Village to Raise a Child is a community outreach initiative developed by St. Andrew for youth in the area. There are two programs; The Village Kids Club & BrainiACTS, each uniquely designed to provide a safe, nurturing environment for youth to grow and learn. To learn more about each program and which you might want to donate to, click "more".

Ways you can donate.


In Person

A cheque made payable to:

St. Andrew Anglican Church



Simply click the "Donate Now" button below and fill out all the required information. 

Thank you!

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