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The Village Kids Club

To provide a safe, nurturing & secure environment where youth can grow in their social awareness & emotional intelligence, and reach their full potential. 

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Growing up for children these days isn’t easy.  We see teens in society who struggle.  In this fast-paced world, as children mature and grow they can become strangers to themselves.  The bewildered young person begins to ask “Who am I?”  Without strong identities they will be, or do, whatever they think others want.


Parents often wonder, “What can I do?”  Many parents work long hours or shift work and many are single parents.  Some grandparents have stepped in as primary caregivers to their grandchildren.

Seeing this, and having lived it ourselves, we at St. Andrew began to think “What can we do to help?”


As a result, we have developed an after-school program which we believe can change the trajectory of young people’s lives. 


“The Village Kids Club” is a secure environment where children feel safe, it provides an opportunity for those in grades 2 to 8, to learn great skills and be mentored by mature adults.

The Girls Club takes place on Wednesdays and the Boys Club on Thursdays; 3:30pm-6:00pm.

A nutritious dinner is included.

Some Activities Include

  • Etiquette & Protocols

  • Baking / Cooking

  • Scrapbooking

  • Drama

  • Jewellery Making

  • Sewing / Knitting / Crocheting

  • Woodworking

  • Prayer

  • Music

  • & more!

Why not share from the abundance of your life? Become a mentor!

A mentor helps young people explore and discern the world in which they live, to do so authentically, with appropriate behaviours and morals conducive to building strong healthy self esteem.


This is an opportunity for you to make a positive impact in someone’s life, pouring the blessings of your life into ‘little lives’ and sharing from your experiences. As you connect and listen, you will help young people, along with us, learn what we learned along the way, including those skills and arts learned from older generations, skills that are being lost in today's fast-paced culture. Children will be better equipped to navigate through life and the issues they will face.


Your help just may change the trajectory of a young person's life in a positive way.


We become the safety net. We become the ‘village it takes to raise a child’.


When young people are able to solve their problems with reasonable success and feel increasingly confident
in their own abilities to cope, periods of struggle gradually become less frequent and less intense.


They begin to trust themselves and draw upon the solid resources and coping skills they have learned and nurtured within themselves.


Teenage mentors are also welcome.


complete an application form and email it to

For additional information please contact the above email.

* All mentors must pass a background clearance and a thorough training process.*

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