Youth at St. Andrew

Youth group is a place for young people to have fun and learn to follow Jesus with caring adult leaders and other youth.

Youth Section


St. Andrew’s Youth Ministry happens both within our church and within our community. 
We reach out to every youth and their family with the love and compassion of Jesus. 
We believe there are five key areas to ministry to youth.


Relationship Building/Mentoring


Working alongside community members, we believe that youth deserve as much support as possible. St. Andrew’s as a supportive and caring congregation reaches out where needs are in our local schools and in partnerships with agencies to demonstrate Gods’ love at this challenging period of life.  




Outreach events occur weekly and and periodically throughout the year. Events are designed to introduce new youth and their families to the love of Christ in a positive, relevant and creative way. Weekly youth groups meet to participate in interactive games and activities tied into an object lesson to encourage personal growth and challenge issues teens face daily.  Quarterly large events offer youth different events to build relationships and bring their friends into community.  


Growth and Development


Designed to help youth and their families grow into their relationship with Christ and way
of service.  This area of Ministry has a main focus on establishing deeper roots in our faith and encouraging a stronger commitment.  Throughout weekly studies and discussions we delve deeper into the teachings of Christ and are challenged to a life of love and service on His behalf.  


Leaders in Training


Designed to equip students to provide servant led ministry in their church, their communities, locally and abroad.  Energy is focused on preparing those that are ready for the next level of service to others, developing and understanding their gifts and talents and making commitments to serve in camps and in missions. Leaders in training programs are held once a year with opportunities to assist in community service.


Partnering with Parents


Children haven't changed but childhood has. With a constantly shifting culture it is difficult for parents to stay ahead of the curve and to understand challenges faced regularly by youth. Our Partnering with Parents Ministry attempts to be culturally relevant and current in order to assist parents and concerned adults help youth manoeuvre through the society in which they live.  Through Parenting Courses, articles, updates and positive Christian links, we trust that God’s word and Wisdom will help adults guide youth through turbulent years. We trust that years from now the wisdom that God wrote on their hearts through adults and mentors will guide them in critical decisions. 




Baptism is an important milestone that marks the beginning of your Christian journey.  No matter what your age, we have a process to help you prepare for this exciting moment.  We want you to be well prepared for this step of faith and whether you are the parents of a baby or young child, a youth or an adult, we look forward to walking alongside of you and your family.


There are a few steps to prepare for Baptism:


1. Connect with our ministry staff and if you are not already a member of our community, we encourage that you consider this moving forward.  Contact names are found under Parish Contacts Link.

2. Complete the Childrens Baptism Request Form and submit to our Office Administrator.

3. Sign up for a “Preparing to Promise” course offered throughout the year. This course is designed to explore the Christian Faith and to understand the Baptism Promises as you begin your journey in community.

4. Decide which of the church’s Baptism Sundays will work for you and your family.Inform our ministry staff and allow them to come alongside you as final preparations are made for this wonderful step forward in your spiritual journey.




Confirmation is an important step in faith where Baptismal Vows are reaffirmed and ownership of a personal decision to follow Jesus is celebrated.  This commitment to God happens following preparation provided through   Confirmation classes.


There are a few steps to prepare for Confirmation:


1. Connect with our ministry staff and ensure that you have a mentor / spiritual prayer partner as you move forward with this exciting stage of growth.  Contact names are found under  Parish Contact Link.

2. Sign up for a confirmation class.  The basics of the Christian Faith, what it means to follow Jesus and Baptismal vows are all reviewed.  Youth Confirmation classes run annually and youth grades 6 to 12 are invited to join.  

3. Discuss with the Incumbent or Ministry Staff if you would like to have your Confirmation at the Cathedral in the Spring.  These dates are booked well in advance and require pre-registration.


Thank you for trusting us with this very important step forward in your Christian journey.  We are excited to support you through this process and as you grow in Him within our community family.

Upcoming Youth Events



Youth Resources



An award-winning Christian youth site with free teen devotions, movie reviews & videos.  
Linking youth to the local Christian Music and Worship scene.  In addition you can listen to the current music playing live while doing your homework!



Partnering with Parents for Teens


An electronic version of the Bible for your phone tablet or PC.            
An EXTREMELY valuable resource!  Focus on the Family has been reviewing the latest movies, TV shows and video games to provide detailed information on content, so you know what your watching before you turn it on.  This helps families make an informed decision to the media that their children consume and opens up a great opportunity for discussion and making choices together.                      
Centre for Parent and Youth Understanding is a site dedicated to building stronger relationships between youth and adults in bridging the cross cultural generational gap.  Resources, articles on culture news, blogs and a variety of methods are used to assist adults in navigating the culture from a Christian Worldview.  Although conferences offered are mainly in the US there are workshops and courses provided in Canada at certain times of the year or through local representatives.



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