Perhaps the most surprising development these past few years within the medical and scientific communities is the discovery around the great benefit that healthy spirituality can bring to physical health.

Countless studies show that people who attend church regularly enjoy better health, that meditation helps reduce stress-related diseases, and that loving support groups contribute to people living longer and happier lives.

The church has been a helping hand to those in need since Jesus Christ challenged his followers to love their neighbours as themselves.

In the early church, the members pooled their resources so that no one lacked food or clothing.  They worked together to help each other.

Giving support and guidance for those who are sick and dying, as well as providing grief help for their families, has always been the work
of the church.













You have seen the church creating charities and missions overseas in response to catastrophes of all kinds: tsunamis; earthquakes; genocide; mass illnesses and; caring for vulnerable, starving and dying orphans. You have seen charitable organizations spring up as a result and take on these causes. 


Where is that cutting edge today?

The church has always been at the forefront of supporting these causes.


Right here in Alliston there is a crisis involving the breakdown of the family due to stress, addictions, and poor mental health.  These are all becoming important factors of our society that need to be addressed.

The mental health challenges that reside in our communities are vast and deep.  


We are seeing crisis in schools - both public and high school.  We are seeing small children struggle with issues they should not have to face until adulthood, and issues they certainly can’t even begin to be equipped for.










We are seeing young parents, single parents, children living with grandparents, step-families and blended families and lower-income two parent families, without a proper skill-set or support system, struggle to do the best they can for their children.

But they need help.  Broken homes with parents who are struggling often result in latchkey situations, causing their children to become vulnerable.  



















The results of these issues are gaining depth in our community.  Self-harm and suicide is becoming prevalent.


These situations are not unique to our own community.  They will impact the strength of Canadian society as a whole throughout the coming years.

We need your help to be on that cutting edge today!

We need to help those in our community who cannot help themselves.

We need to strengthen families and lend our wisdom and support to young people.

We need to build relationships and deep connections with those struggling in our communities.

We are asking you to be involved by supporting our efforts. Come and be a part of something meaningful, something that is going to touch and enhance lives.

There is a light inside all of us that glows with commitment and devotion to others.  It guides us to respond to these issues and make a difference in our community.

When the course of our life is finished, we want to have made it count. We want to have left our mark - so that people know we lived, we mattered, we contributed… we made a difference.

The truth is … we have been given much. And there is a saying, “for those who have been given much … much is expected”.

Part of that much is having lived in a time where values and integrity were a part of the culture.

We have wisdom to share. We have the means to make a difference, and we are able to help. And if we can, why would we not want to?

  • Mental illness is increasingly threatening the lives of our children; with Canada’s youth suicide rate the third highest in the industrialized world.

  • The total number of 12-19 year olds in Canada at risk for developing depression is a staggering 3.2 million.

  • Today, approximately 5% of male youth and 12% of female youth, age 12 to 19, have experienced a major depressive episode.

  • Suicide accounts for 24% of all deaths among 15-24 year olds: 4,000 young people die prematurely each year by suicide.

   Canadian Mental Health Association

Meeting people in their darkest times ... and walking with them towards a strong future.

The Hope & Healing Ministries of
St. Andrew Anglican Church & The Christian Healing House are committed to addressing the needs of the Community.

These are the situations we face every day … seriously ill people, some dying.

Where do they turn?

Young children out of control and
at risk of becoming harmed through high risk behaviour.

Where do they turn?

With an aging population, there
are many elderly people living alone who are in poor health.

Where do they turn?

Dear loved one’s who have died,
the family in grief and shock …







When life hands people a blow … they need someone to walk with them, talk with them, and help them find the resources that will assist them.

You may have faced some of this in your own family, so you know what it feels like to go through some of these challenges.  We pray you had the help to get through it.

When people hit a wall, they need help to navigate through the shock and devastation that is washing over their lives.  

They need guidance to rebuild their lives.


There is great joy in journeying with another
and helping to transform
and strengthen a life.

Today, with the Hope & Healing Ministries of St. Andrew Anglican Church & The Christian Healing House, we are living out our calling ... to do as Jesus did ... to love and care in a world filled with need.

St. Andrew Anglican Church has been in the community for 140 years and the Retreat House was opened six years ago.

The commitment of our benefactors has allowed us to offer programs for support, learning, growth and healing in the past but it is now time to embrace societal change.

Support of the Hope & Healing Ministries of St. Andrew Anglican Church & The Christian Healing House is an investment in our mission to reach and support the spiritual health of a vast number of people who are alone, hurting, overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated and confused in our community.

Each charitable contribution
impacts our community and its future generations.  These donations reflect an honourable legacy of giving.

Community benefactors have made an important difference in the lives of those we serve.

Your help is needed now more than ever.

A donation to the Hope & Healing Ministries of St. Andrew Anglican Church & The Christian Healing House helps us to reach and walk alongside those in need.

Your gifts allow us to train and attract the most qualified spiritual care providers for our ministry team.

We hope you will join us in providing care and support to Alliston and its neighbouring communities.

With your continued assistance, we can carry on our tradition of compassionate ministry.

Each gift is truly appreciated and will be personally acknowledged in our book entitled “People Who Inspired The Gift of Hope”.

The "Gift of Hope" Tree is a symbol of Hope.

In many peoples lives there was someone who made a powerful difference and changed the trajectory of their life. It might have been a grandparent, a teacher, a neighbour, friend, parent or sibling.

It was someone who believed in you. Someone you can look back
on and say, ‘If it hadn’t been for that person, I wouldn’t be who I am today.’,
‘I wouldn’t be where I am today.’, or ‘If they didn’t help me when they did, I don’t know where I would be.’


The tree is designed to remember and honour that special someone. The coloured leaves and doves represent different levels of giving and recognition.

In honour of that special someone we ask you to write a short story about his or her life and how he or she inspired others. His or her name will be engraved and placed upon the “Gift of Hope” Tree.


Special recognition levels have been established to honour and thank those who generously offer their support to meet the spiritual needs in our community.


Animal              $50,000
Dove                $25,000
Gold Leaf         $5,000
Silver Leaf        $2,500
Bronze Leaf     $1,500

To make an online donation

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2) Immediately email  the completed "Letter of Intent" form to the church office at to let us know of your donation.


Other ways to make a donation

If you prefer, you can bring your "Letter of intent form"  and donation in to the church office at 125 Wellington St. W., Alliston. 


For more information call (705) 435-9711.

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