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Growing up for children these days isn’t easy.  We see teens in society who struggle.  As children mature and grow, in this fast-paced world,
they can become strangers to themselves.  The bewildered young person begins to ask “Who am I?”.  Without strong identities they will be, or do, whatever they think others want.


Parents often wonder, “What can I do?”  Many work long hours or shift work, are single parents or have stepped in as primary caregivers.

Seeing this, and having lived it ourselves, we at St. Andrew began to think “What can we do to help?”


As a result, we have developed an after-school program which we believe can change the trajectory of young people’s lives. 


“The Village Kids Club” is a secure environment where children feel safe, it provides an opportunity for those in grades 2 to 8, to learn great skills and be mentored by mature adults.


You too, can make a difference in a young person’s life.


Who Are You Willing To Walk For?

What is the Challenge?

To Walk 5000 or 10,000 steps for 31 days in support of It Takes A Village To Raise A Child.

A donation, in lieu of the challenge, is greatly appreciated.  Please select the Donate Tab, select 'It Takes a Village' and follow the prompts.  Thank you for your support.



1.  Challenge or Be Challenged!

This is the first step in your decision to ‘step up and change the trajectory of a young person’s life!  Awesome to have you along for the fun, gratifying and possibly life altering experience of your life.


2. Accept the Challenge!

You will need to make the initial donation of $50.00 by selecting the Donate Tab and selecting ‘It Takes A Village’ and following the prompts. 


3. Begin the Challenge!

Go To The Printable Sheets tab and Download the Tracking Sheet, decide upon a Start Date Lace up your shoes and Begin the Challenge.  For the next 31 days, you will need to walk 5000 steps/day.  Keeping track of your steps can be very rewarding but…

Here is an extra incentive.  If on any given day, you do not make the 5000 steps/day then you will incur a $5.00 penalty.  Remember, we want this to be a life altering experience for you … we want you to become fit, while supporting the children!


Who Will You Challenge?  Go To The Printable Sheets and Download The Challenge Card.  We challenge you to challenge at least three other people that you know!  Please be creative and add as much fun to the challenge as would like.


Are you an Over Achiever???

Try Challenging someone to Walk 10,000 steps/day for 31 days and make a $100.00 donation to ‘It Takes A Village’!  Same rules apply but, as an over achiever there is still a $5.00 penalty in place each day that you step short of your daily goal.


4. Celebrate

Celebrate your success by making your final donation
(if you incurred a penalty or you simply want to make an additional donation towards the program).  


Thank you for Accepting the Challenge for this very worthwhile program.  

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